Summer Adventure List

With summer approaching just around the corner my mind is already racing with ideas on how to keep my daughter busy. We all know it’s not long before the famous words come out of our kids mouths, “I’m bored”. Even with the summer heat, my goal is to keep my daughter outside and active instead of glued to electronics. Here is my summer adventure list of the top 20 activities I plan on engaging to keep her occupied.

Summer Adventure List
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1. Swim at a Spring

If you live here in Central Florida there are numerous springs to choose from for a day trip. If you live in another state find a local park with a lake or river. There’s nothing better than letting kids explore nature while cooling off in a body of water. Need some ideas for local springs? Check out our Florida Springs post.

2. Indoor Rock Climbing

There’s not much elevation in Florida so we have to stick to the indoor climbing gyms. In our area, there are two awesome gyms! On the Edge and Adventure HQ

3. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Pinterest is full of them! Just search nature scavenger hunt and you’ll be sure to find one that pleases you. Don’t want to jump over to Pinterest? Here is one ready to go! Scavenger Hunt

4. Animal Track Molds

This one I am super excited to try this summer! Go to a park or hiking trail and look for animal tracks. When you find some good ones here is how to make a mold of the tracks. Animal Track Molds (Soon as we try this out I will update how they turned out!)

5. Outdoor Photo Session

This activity will probably be my daughters favorite. Kids seem to be obsessed with taking photos. Here is her chance to show off her photography skills. I plan on taking her to the park of her choice and letting her snap away. Now I wouldn’t recommend letting your 3-year-old play around with your $1,000 camera. But I did discover Wal-Mart still sells disposable cameras! After taking the photos make a photo book to display his/her art.

6. Fly a Kite

Here are two sites that will show you how to make a kite. Then go outside and try to fly it! Simple Kite and Grocery Bag Kite

7. Paint Rocks

In our community, there is actually a facebook group called, Brevard Rocks. The concept is you paint rocks and then go hide them around your community (parks, zoo, beach, outside of stores). Kids love finding these rocks! My daughter’s face lights up every time she discovers one. Then you can either hide the rocks again or keep them. We like to keep them and paint our own to hide. What a simple activity that brings so much joy!

8. Camp in Backyard

Get outback and set up that tent that’s been collecting dust in the garage! If you live in Florida, run an extension cord out to your tent and set up a nice fan. The nice thing about camping at home is you can take shelter when those afternoon thunderstorms roll in.

9. Summer Olympics

This one is good to plan when the kids have friends over. Set up your own mini-Olympics in your backyard. Choose games like a water balloon toss, relay race, obstacle course and have small prizes for the winners. You can get as creative as you want.

10. Beach Clean-Up

If you don’t live near the beach then find a local trail. Bring gloves and trash bags and let’s teach our kids to keep our earth beautiful while giving back to our community. Ice cream afterward is always a good idea too!

11. Visit a Splash Pad

We have three here in Brevard county. Brevard Zoo: Indian River Play Lagoon, Cocoa Riverfront Park, Riverview Park in Sebastian.

12. Read Outside

The majority of libraries offer summer programs. Check out your local library schedule. After letting the kids check out several books create a peaceful outdoor space for them. Encourage at least 30 minutes of reading every day. They can retreat to this special place with their books.

13. Chalk Paint

Check out how to make your own chalk paint.

14. Yoga

My daughter is always trying to copy me when I’m doing yoga. I love it and it’s quite funny! One day I was searching kids yoga on youtube and stumbled upon this channel, Cosmic Kids Yoga. It’s awesome! This lady recreates childhood stories with yoga moves. Set up your mat outside, bring your laptop, and watch your kids exercise without even knowing it.

15. Butterfly Garden

This activity might be a whole summer project. Find a space in your yard to create your perfect butterfly garden. Don’t have time or space for a garden? Here is a site on how to make butterfly feeders!

16. Kayak/Canoe

There are many places the rent out kayaks and canoes. Throw on a life jacket for the kids and go explore a new area!

17. Art Collage

My daughter already tries to do this on a regular basis. Every time she finds something outside that intrigues her she asks to keep it for an art project. Let your kids collect grass, sticks, flowers, weeds, whatever they find in nature and let them make a picture out of their collection.

18. Bird Watching

Next time you go to the park or on a hike take this bird list along. Have the kids try to find as many birds as they are able too. Bird List

19. Plant a Vegetable

Start this at the beginning of summer. Then watch your plant grow throughout the weeks. This is one way to get kids to eat veggies!

20. Free Play

This is the most important activity you should try to get in every day. Kids need unstructured play time. An hour where they can use their imaginations and come up with their own activities. Set one hour each day where you have nothing planned for them. At first, it might be hard. But by the end of the summer, I guarantee they will enjoy this time more than all the 50+  Pinterest activities.

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